Cooking The Books – Jennifer St George + print giveaway

Chef with cookbookOoh gadgets! It’s really the very best time of the year to be talking about the acquisition of new kitchen toys. Any girl with cheffy pretensions can’t go past new kitchen stuff and Christmas is the time to get it. I’m expecting a Kitchen-Aid under the Christmas tree this year <whistles innocently> but now I’m starting to wonder. Because Jennifer St George is here to tell us about a machine the name of which has been swimming around at the outer reaches of my consciousness for some time. I’m all ears. But first I’m all eyes for Jennifer’s brand new Destiny Romance print release, Sweet Seduction, containing two gorgeous romances. Here’s Jennifer:

Those Magnificent Cooks and their Thermomix Machine!

Okay, have you heard of Thermomix?  Apparently, as I learned recently, the Thermomix is the king of kitchen JSGappliances. The German made machine can multi-task better than any woman. It can chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir and steam. It certainly has more kitchen skills than I do.

Apparently this thing is so good that half the chefs in the country have one (or more) sitting in their kitchens. Australia’s top chefs, including Adriano Zumbo, Tetsuya Wakuda and Adrian Gilmore, have given it the thumbs up.

Being someone who likes facts, I checked out Choice Magazine.  It rated Thermomix ahead of all its competition. So I did some further investigation.

The thing can make an Orange cake in 30 seconds (excluding cooking time), raw cacao and macadamia cheesecake in 158 seconds (excluding chilling time) and mushroom risotto in 12 minutes.

So, as fortune would have it (is it fortunate?), one week after hearing about this amazing machine, a friend invites me to her Thermomix party. Yes, they are only sold through demonstration parties (like Tupperware). I will enjoy a three-course meal all made by the Thermomix, so that’ll be good.

But then there is the price!

I can’t include the price here as my husband may read this post and I just might want to buy one. But, apparently I will be transformed into a kitchen goddess with this device. This is a pedestal I have wanted to be placed on since I realized even my spaghetti bolognaise was worse than average (quite a blow).

Being a lousy cook, I like to make my heroines fabulous cooks.  Charlie, my heroine in Seducing the Secret Heiress, is a fantastic cook. So much so that she competes in my hero’s reality TV show. She wouldn’t need a Thermomix.

Seducing the Secret Heiress (and my other novel The Convenient Bride) has now been been published in print under the title of Sweet Seduction and is available through Big W and other good books stores just in time for Christmas!

So, my question is, has anyone else heard about these amazing machines and would you recommend them. Leave a comment to go into the draw for a print copy of Sweet Seduction (Australian delivery only).

Sweet SeductionSweet Seduction Blurb:

Together for the first time in one heartwarming volume.

The Convenient Bride

Sienna De Luca will do anything to save her family’s hotel, and ruthless Italian businessman Antonio Moretti knows it. With problems of his own, he proposes a marriage of convenience that will secure his next business deal and save Sienna’s hotel.

 In keeping with her part of the bargain, Sienna travels to Venice with Antonio, who introduces her to a life of luxury and opulence. Antonio soon realizes he has vastly underestimated Sienna. Unexpectedly, she gets too close, and when she discovers his dark secret, Antonio’s perfectly planned life begins to unravel . . .

Seducing the Secret Heiress

Diamond heiress, Charlotte Wentworth, is passionate about two things – cooking and her fiancée, Paul. Until the day she finds out Paul has been unfaithful. 

Charlotte flees to Europe, determined to build her own life without her family’s fortune. When she meets gorgeous TV producer, Gabe Grenville, she keeps her connections secret and soon finds herself the star of his new cooking show. But how will he react when he discovers Charlotte’s true identity?

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Sweet Seduction is available through Big W and other good book stores. Ebook available:



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20 comments on “Cooking The Books – Jennifer St George + print giveaway

    • Me too, Rach. I wondered if it might be jack of all trades and master of none but then I look at that line up of top chefs. Intrigued.

  1. I can’t wait to hear what people think, Rach. I’m a hopeless cook so need all the help I can get. I’m currently planning to buy a Xmas pudding and pass it off as my own by dumping (sorry placing it delicately) it into a pretty bowl. So, you can see I need improvements in the culinary department.

    Anyone with a ‘can’t fail’ Xmas pudding recipe, I’m all ears and mixing bowls!!

  2. A couple of friends have them and swear by them. They are fantastic and you can create heaps of amazing meals with them.

    For me, the cost was prohibitive especially as I have a range of brilliant saucepans and other wonderful utensils. When I have time, I love to cook in bulk but the thermos can’t do this. The bowl is on the smallish size.

    Because I can cook and enjoy it, I’m happy with my saucepans and super-dooper mix master. They also suit the cuisines I cook.

    However, if you don’t have good kitchen utensils/ hate cooking/ struggle in the kitchen then the thermo may be for you.

    I’d also recommend it for those with restrictive diets as it allows you to easily make GF pizza, breads etc…..

    • I’m with you, Joanne. Many years of building up a collection of kitchenalia could all be wiped out by one machine? I have an almost antique wooden handled whisk bought 30 years ago at lessons at The French Kitchen when Diane Holuigue explained what to look for in a good whisk. Many an egg white has met its end with that whisk. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Oh, Thermis! They sound so seductive, don’t they, Jenn? The machine that can do anything. No more curdled custard! Gastro-porn food every night!

    I want one. Bigtime. But I also can’t help wondering how much I’d actually use it (a major thing given the price tag) because I actually LIKE all the chopping and stirring and poking and watching and sniffing that goes on in the kitchen. It’s relaxing (mostly), and all part of the generosity and joy of cooking. All that effort is a type of love for me. To replace it with a machine that does everything feels… I don’t know, kind of cold. Also a bit lacking in challenge, and where’s the fun in no kitchen disasters?

    Louise, I will be very jealous if you get a KitchenAid for Chrissy. I have been trying to kill my Sunbeam Mixmaster for nigh on 20 years now but it flat-out refuses to die. Mum’s lasted 30 years and then only because Dad decided to buy her a Kenwood Chef with all the attachments for Christmas one year (an unappreciated present, sadly – the equivalent of giving Mum an iron), so I suspect it’ll be a looooong time before I could justify getting a new one.

    Perhaps enough time to save up for a Thermi!!

    Congratulations on the release of Sweet Seduction, Jenn. Hope it sells its pretty golden socks off for you!

    • Cathryn, you said it perfectly. It’s the process that is part of the joy. Not to mention that the Thermi sounds so bloody efficient that I expect it is a one-wine cooking interlude and that just wouldn’t do, would it? The Kitchen-Aid is a done deal 🙂 Yes, the old mixmasters were fabulous and indestructible. Sadly, I have no confidence in Sunbeam products these days.

  4. I went to a Thermomix dinner party. Was amazing what that machine does. The entire 4 course menu for six cooked in it. Would love one. But…I’d have to throw out almost every other appliance i have because it replaces them, which seems wasteful to me. And it’s verrrry expensive. Still, if I had the cash, I reckon I’d go there. It’s the kitchen instrument of champions.

    • Thanks, Cathryn.

      The demonstration lady showed us how to make lemon custard which she made in a just a few minutes and it was amazing (and I don’t even like custard). I never make desserts so this machine might make me look like a dessert goddess as well as a general kitchen goddess. I have to say, I think I’m sold!

    • It’s lucky as I don’t really have any appliances, Kate. Not being a very good cook, I’ve never invested in any. My poor sister-in-law, who is an excellent cook, comes to stay and just despairs. I’m hoping this machine might show her my latent potential.

    • Hi Kate. Yes, I’d be very sad to see all my lovely “stuff” replaced. And I’d probably end up looking resentfully at it and maybe even shouting, “but that’s my job.”

  5. Machines that save time and labour are fab in my book. I still enjoy cooking the slow way but there are times when throwing it all in a pot and pushing a button would be heaven. I hear you Jennifer, love that your heroine is given the skills you would like to have. ‘Sweet Seduction’ sounds like a lovely read.

    • The idea of just throwing everything into one pot and pushing a button is totally my idea of heaven, Dora.

      It is so fun giving my hero and heroine expertise in an area I’m no good at. I love researching skills I’d like to have. My latest hero is an expert in computer game development and it was so fun reading all about these incredible gaming entrepreneurs.

    • Hi Dora! Lovely to see you here. I get the labour-saving bit but…Having said that, I’ve never cooked for a family and I think it would probably make short work of lots of repetitive tasks and free you up for other things.

  6. I’ve heard of a thermomix – also heard the price. While it would be nice to have one, I think I can live without it. When all’s said and done, I’d rather spend the money on books – and perhaps a bottle or two of wine? Congratulations on ‘Sweet Seduction”, Jennifer, and thanks for another enjoyable post, Lou.

  7. Thanks, Christine! Yes, that money could be spent in so many great ways other than a lump of steel sitting on my kitchen bench. However, being so hopeless in the kitchen I might just be able to justify it. There are only so many times my family can eat Spaghetti Bolognese.

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