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Chef with cookbookIt’s the last post of 2013 on Cooking The Books and I can think of no better way to end the year than with the lovely Emmie Dark and her new erotic romance novella, Charmed. This gorgeous story combines all kinds of hocus-pocus with some very hot moments. Now, having been brought up in an era when bibulous TV cooks like Graham Kerr and Keith Floyd publicly and devotedly exceeded their recommended two glasses a day, all the while whipping up a perfect soufflé, Emmie’s post is right up my alley. Take it away, Emmie!

I know it’s traditional on Cooking the Books to talk about food and/or provide a recipe. But at this point in the year, who wants to be Emmie Darkexperimenting with baking? We’ve all got our favourites, and the things the family demand to be made, so I thought it might be nice to instead focus on one very important part of the cooking process: the wine you drink while you’re cooking.

Sure, there’s all kinds of guides and information out there on food and wine matching. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking the wine you drink when you’re in the kitchen, stuffing the turkey, slicing the carrots, and whipping the cream.

For me, the very best kind of tipple for kitchen adventures is champagne – or “sparkling wine”, as we are more properly supposed to say when it doesn’t come from France! I do love the French stuff, I must say, but I’m equally happy with some of the premium Australian and NZ versions.

Emmie with champagne

Bubbles is a celebration drink to me, and when I’m in the kitchen working on a festive meal for my near and dear, that’s definitely cause for celebration.

Australian Christmas being summer also calls for chilled, bubbly drinks. A beautiful tall glass of cold champagne is perfect when you’re working up a thirst slaving over a hot oven while everyone else is playing with their presents.


I have to admit, I have been indulging in more than my fair share of bubbles this season already. But there has been a lot to celebrate! Not the least of which is the release this week of “Charmed”, my new Destiny Romance novella. I might also advise you to keep a cool drink handy when you’re reading it – it might just get you a little steamed up!

Have a very merry Christmas and hope you get to enjoy your favourite beverage while you’re cooking. Let me know if you’re a champagne drinker, like me – or do you have another preference?

Emmie, you know I love a glass of wine but what about our readers? Whatever is in the glass you raise this holiday season, may it bring you happiness, good cheer and a very happy 2014.

Charmed coverBook Blurb:

When a handsome and charming stranger reluctantly enters the magic shop where perky Melanie Cooke works as a psychic, she fully expects to give him a standard reading and send him on his way. But for the first time in her life, her powers fail her and the reading goes horribly awry.

Michael Harrison was dubious about the idea of seeing a psychic, but given the attraction between them, he’s prepared to put first impressions aside. Yet as he and Melanie get to know each other, Michael is forced to confront his past, and to face the fact that Melanie may be more than she seems.

Will fear and suspicion ruin all or will the magic and power of love keep them together?

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